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Save this Stray Kitty (Tulsa People)



Mck (Same post with pics) HE ONLY HAS **3 DAYS** LEFT!! Please continue reading. He’s a sweet nameless kitty, about 5 years old. He’s a large local tomcat, orange tabby stray (not feral in the least)!! He tested positive for FIV (not transmittable to humans),…

I tried to create some memories with my cat..

Needless to say he did not want such memories with me.





Evening Rants: Dodgeball, I lost my pants there too.

My voicemail has been a trollmail since high school; me answering in an overly done jewish grandmother accent, only to say that i’m actually the voicemail and you should leave a message.

this girl on my team just told me off and said it was unprofessional, and it might hurt my career if i don’t change it to something more ‘mature’.

….this may be the PMSing talking but i really don’t give two flying fucks what you think about my voicemail. Almost nobody calls and leaves messages anyways. I’ll probably change it now that you shamed me into it, but calm your tits.

Also this dude at the park just let his PUPPY roam around without a collar and we found her near our court so we tied her up so she couldn’t get away and spent a good amount of time trying to locate her owner and when he finally showed up on the balcony of his apartment he seemed all dopey and confused “do you have a dog over there??” and I yelled up at him “Yeah we do, and if you put your dog on a leash maybe this wouldn’t happen!” to which I was shushed and scorned by two of my teammates. I’m sorry but if you’re going to raise your 1 year old puppy in a tiny apartment like that and then LOSE her directly next to a busy street because you don’t have a leash and you haven’t seemed to train her yet I have every right to be upset with you. Treat your dog right, for crying out loud. If you can’t seem to keep track of it in an APARTMENT then maybe you don’t have what it takes to raise a dog from a young age. God I hate irresponsible owners.

To top if all off I didn’t win, but whatever, someone took my star trek hat i was given, but whatever, and I left my pants there.

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