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crowning achievement of my high school was our a capella groups

The cast of Marble Hornets everyone.

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okay so i started watching kuroko no basket 

here are some poorly worded thoughts and feelings


The fruits of my labor everyone. I propose we marathon the next six or seven episodes tomorrow evenin’. And liveblog it.

Komm, susser Tod~甘き死よ、来たれ - NORWAY - Kenji Eno Tribute

Incredible rock cover of a usually really uncomfortable song. I think this makes it a little less uncomfortable, but I’m still seeing a lot of this in my mind



Father returns home from Afghanistan dressed up as Captain America to surprise his son at his birthday party!



Jesus fucking christ

well this makes the whole thing a million times less sad


Ahaha, this is great. For those who don’t know, it’s a current trend to make MADs of Guren no Yumiya, the OP of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). This particular one was created from an /a/ anon’s comment. 

Other great parodies: Hellsing, UtaPri, and this fantastically timed Bollywood thing. (That UtaPri one is on niconico, by the way. I could not find a youtube rip of it, so it might be slower to load.)

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